Question: Our Club support is really low, how can we grow our membership / supporter base?

Terry: Membership is the life-blood of all Clubs and TD Solutions believes it is close to the number one priority for all Clubs. Many Community Clubs don’t spend enough time on retaining and growing their membership. The theme we focus on in the series is “small fish taste sweet”. It is so true that Membership $$$ albeit can be small - TD Solutions shows you how significant the flow on impacts to your Club are when you get this area right. We give you tips of how to maximise your membership numbers and how to provide variety amongst your membership packages, the important of your alumni as well as setting targets – a healthy database why it’s so important to and much more. You are not alone – we show you how to grow your supporter base. Get this right – and your Club has a real chance of moving forward in a positive fashion.

Question: Raising $$$ to run the Club is really difficult – can you help me / show me what to do?

Terry: Yes we sure can. For most Community clubs raising funds is extremely difficult. Raising funds through just your gate receipts, proceeds from the canteen and bar and a bit of sponsorship is often not enough for your Club to remain financially viable.

If you want to be a healthy and thriving viable club you need good planning (the annual budget and forecasting is critical) and a part of this process you need to plan for is both “IN-SEASON” and “OUT-OF SEASON” fundraising opportunities. Through TD Solutions we show you how to “share the load” and we give you many ideas and ways for you to raise funds for your Club.

Planning is the key. We have many videos and examples of how to fundraise and we also teach you ways of “fund-saving” which is equally as important as fund-raising.

Question: Our facilities are tired and old – they need upgrading – I don’t know how to do this?

Terry: Raising funds for capital works can help your club enormously. “Build it and they will come” is a key phrase we cover during the TD Solutions. Raising such funds can be intimidating – but we teach you how to choose the right person to work in this area and provide a clear direction of how to go and source funds from the various sources. It is our knowledge and experience in this space that you will benefit from.

Having good facilities at Club level forms one of the three key ingredients that constitutes a successful Club which we elaborate on at length during this series. We cover how to undertake a facility audit, how to cost any projects as well as having a long term plan (eye to the future) – a vision for the future is really important. Importantly though we focus on how and where to raise the $$ - and the importance of having one person dedicated to your facility upgrades as well as knowing how the Australian Sports Foundation can help you achieve your goals. The old saying in this space “YOU ASK FOR MONEY YOU GET ADVICE – as opposed our method of approach which is you ASK FOR ADVICE YOU GET MONEY” – subtle but important difference.

Question: Our Sponsorship revenue is really low, how do we grow this?

Terry: Many community clubs TD Solutions engage with don’t understand how to maximise revenue from a sponsorship perspective. The TD Solutions – gives the Club Executives (including Sponsorship Co-ordinator – position descriptions provided) a step by step instruction on how to maximise your sponsorship revenues starting with building a simple (but important) Club Profile and a slick Sponsorship Brochure (filing cabinet refer samples). We will show you how to present your Club in the most professional light – this is they to success in the sponsorship space. Next step we show you how to complete an audit of your sponsor assets and importantly show you how to sell these assets and the type of person you should use to sell these assets plus much more. Raising funds needs professionalism and we show you how to present yourself in the most professional manner and maximising revenue at your club to help you be the best club you can be.

Question: Each year, I don’t know if we will have enough money to pay the bills, I am under pressure – can you provide some help as to how we should be planning ahead so this pressure can be eased?

Terry: Running a viable Community Club is about planning. Majority of Community Clubs have poor planning and poor financial reporting. Poor financial reporting often leads to poor management of the Club which leads to financial viability issues. TD Solutions shows you in a very structured and simplified way as to what reporting processes you need to have it in place to ensure you run a healthy Community Club. How to budget, how to forecast and tracking your results is explained in a simplified manner with great examples in the FILING CABINET. Pressure is eased on the Executive Committee when you have the right processes in place and the right people that drive the required planning. A well planned club is a successful club.

Question: We don’t have enough help around the Club – I don’t know to engage people to help my Club?

Terry: Not having enough help - is the biggest problem in Community Sport around the Country. You are not alone if you have this feeling – often the feeling can be a burden that is too much for many to bear. The burnout factor results in good people leaving many Community Clubs – which is such a waste and a great deal of experience unnecessarily walks out the door. The key theme of TD solutions is “always remember successful community clubs share the load”. TD Solutions will give you the tips of “how to share the load” (critical point) and the manner in which you engage the right people to help your Club to keep them at your Club for longer. There is a particular way to do this and you will be pleasantly surprised how effective the TD Solutions can be in increasing engagement as well as growing help around your Community Club to take the pressure off everyone. All readers don’t under-estimate this point – get this point right and you Clubs chances of success are increased substantially.

Question: I have been appointed President / Treasurer of my local Club – I am a businessperson but to be honest I don’t know where to start !!!

Terry: Well you have come to the right place, the TD Solutions shows you how to run a Club from “start to finish” from an off-field perspective – we will show you how to get started (if you’re new to the Club space), and what we need from you and the first important steps to running a successfully Community Club. This series will show you how to setup your Committee Structure, how to run your finances at the Club as well as overseeing all the Governance and compliances issues that Community Clubs need to manage. In addition we have many topics covering raising or savings $$$ through capital grants, membership, fundraising, fundsaving, sponsorship generation, and the importance of having a digital footprint at your community club. The reason why TD Solutions has been born is to help Clubs transition between the old and new Committee members with the smoothest of change to ensure your clubs stays on the right and most importantly viable track.

Question: Our Club has been non-competitive for a long time, I don’t know how to get my Club out of this hole!!

Terry: Many Clubs that TD Solutions have worked with directly can’t see the woods for the trees - they see no light at the end of the tunnel. Planning is everything and the TD Solution’s cover the 3 important steps (core product, feeder and facilities) of running a successful club which it covers in depth of how to get you out of the “hole”. There is no quick fix for clubs that are battling - trust us there is a way out. After observing Clubs operating for well over 2 decades a “formula of success” to run your Community Club is what TD Solutions provides. Every Club is different but what TD Solutions offers to all Clubs is a way to thrive - follow the formula / template to success – we know that it can be done – this series helps you build the foundations for “real success” (sustainable success) and not cosmetic success (short term).

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